teldrassil burns

At that moment, her husband Genn emerged from the Stormwind portal and rushed to her. He explained that the ancients of the forest were all connected to one another, and that they could sense a disturbance from deep within their roots. Malfurion explained that when the Horde invaded, he did his best to thwart them, but many forces still made passage already. To keep the night elves uninformed, the Horde sent its troops to deal with the Sentry Owls in the area. Despite their efforts, the defenders were too few in number to stand toe to toe. The Horde conquest took them to the Grove of the Ancients , where the Ancients have woken up to defend the land.

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Unfortunately, Malfurion Stormrage arrived and attacked with teldraszil fury, consequently allowing Captain Delaryn Summermoon ‘s forces to leap from the trees and ambush the Horde soldiers in the chaos.

The War of the Thorns also referred to as the Burning of Teldrassil [1] was a major conflict fought between the Alliance and Horde for possession of Northern Kalimdorwhich notably resulted in the destruction of the World Tree Teldrassil. It takes place in several parts. He had dealt a dishonorable blow, it had not been his place to interfere.

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Nathanos is the right-hand man of Sylvanas, someone whose dedication is unquestionable — possibly to a fault. Telxrassil Horde also took Blackwood Camp. Following the Burning of Teldrassil, Lor’danel remained a battlefield. In the mean time, Horde soldiers did their best to hold their ground.


Saurfang was impressed by the Horde rogues’ teldassil, since not a single night elf was alive when they got there. A squadron would be ready to strike if they managed telddassil break ground. Once the Horde secured Astranaar, they rescued Saurfang from the rubble. Fending off the attack, Sylvanas believed the druid would soon return with an army. One such attack led to the assassination of Commander Anaris Windwood. There were also brightly glowing owls scattered among the trees, above their heads, teldrqssil they were not living breathing denizens of the forest, they were kaldorei magic, sentries reporting everything they saw.

The Horde thus fell back onto Zoram’gar Outpostwith their intention to conquer the World Tree before Stormwind ‘s reinforcements arrive. As a way of framing Sylvanas and forcing both the Horde and the Alliance to turn against her.

War of the Thorns

As the Horde army tried to get into a defensive formation, Malfurion made himself visible in the forest so that he could pick off the clusters of Horde soldiers foolish enough to pursue him. She explained that they tried to set a trap for the Horde, but it failed, and they could not stop them. In AstranaarLorash explained that the kaldorei outposts in Ashenvale were already attacked by hundreds of rogues. Saurfang noted that the wisps had responded to Malfurion’s call, and making more of the forest cry for help might just work.

Who actually burned down Teldrassil?

Malfurion ordered Delaryn to find any defenders she could rally at Lor’danel. Malfurion began to summon a massive overgrowth to consume the inn and Saurfang. The Horde, however, is constantly pushing them back. They met with Mia Greymane at the Temple of Elunewho asked them to help evacuate the city before it burned to ash.


Since Sylvanas sought to engage Malfurion, he planned to give her what she wanted. What makes logical sense to have happened in between those two? When Sylvanas gave Nathanos and Saurfang the orders to secure the beach and prepare to invade Teldrassil, she noticed a gravely wounded Delaryn Summermoon, who then explained that only innocents remained in Teldrassil and that Sylvanas’s war was one of hatred and rage.

The wall would slow them down, but it would not halt their attack entirely. The Ruins of Auberdine were seemingly abandoned by the Twilight’s Hammer and became a war zone between the night elves led by Lieutenant Aylissa Silverarrow and the orcs led by Lieutenant Oogra.

But there are a few clues out there that point to it being someone else. Amidst the corpses, she found a mortally-wounded Buurns Delaryn Summermoon. Sylvanas incapacited the champion and congratulated the orc, before asking him to finish the druid and leaving for the shore. Tyrande teldrasil the former, hearthing both herself and Malfurion back to Stormwind with a hearthstone given to her by Anduin Wrynn, while Saurfang went to join Sylvanas on the beach of Darkshore.

The second is why the dying Elf changes telcrassil between the two images.

The first is the fact that Nathanos and Saurfang both have new models in the patch 7.