Firefox proxy settings The path to change IE settings: Manual request – Allows editing and replay of previous requests, or creation of entirely new requests. Finding Web vulnerabilities with Metasploit’s Wmap. WebScarab has a large amount of functionality, and as such can be quite intimidating to the new user. Creating a client virtual machine. Navigation menu Personal tools Log in Request account. Checks are performed for both, files and directories e.

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Creating a password harvester with SET. The simple answer is to learn more about what a website is doing with your input e.

Been terrible about responding, catching up now. This tutorial is going to show how Webscarab can webscarab proxy through and assess the Hacme Casino web application provided by Foundstone, Figure 4 shows the login page for this application. Taking advantage webscara robots.

Search – allows the user to craft arbitrary BeanShell expressions to identify conversations that should be shown in the list. SSN, credit card, personal information.

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Anything that can webscarxb expressed in Java can be executed. Not using Hotjar yet? This plugin simply changes all hidden fields found in HTML pages to text fields, making them visible, and editable.


Then choose the “Manual Edit” tab. Creating a vulnerable virtual machine.

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Once you are happy with your changes, click on the “Accept changes” button to allow the modified request to be sent to the server. Previous Section Complete Course. The canonical source repository for WebScarab is at GitHub. Do you give us webscarab proxy consent to do so for your previous and future visits? WebScarab features request and response editing, session analysis and BeanShell scripting.

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You need to configure IE to relay requests to WebScarab, rather than fetching them itself, as shown in the above image. Client-Side Attacks and Social Engineering. This is very useful in web application penetration testing. You can also choose the “Raw” format, where the request or response is presented exactly as it would be seen on the wire. Using Burp Suite to view and alter requests.

You can read a brief tutorial to explain the basic workings. If you are on the summary tab within Webscarab you will notice requests and responses filling up rows in the bottom pane. Using previously saved pages to create a phishing site. Exploiting a Blind SQLi. Using SQLMap to get database information. These settings can be seen in Figure 2. Views Read Webscarab proxy source View history. This is what WebScarab looks like at startup. Looking for file inclusions. Cracking password hashes with John the Ripper by using a dictionary.


Now webscarab proxy you are familiar with the basic workings of WebScarab, and have made sure that your browser is correctly configured, the next step is to intercept some requests, and modify them webscarab proxy they are sent to the server.

WebScarab Getting Started

If you decide that you wish to revert the prpxy that you have made so far, you can click on the “Cancel changes” button to allow the original request to be sent to the server. Let me know if that helps. Extensions for files and directories can be edited by user.