veer bhadra

Daksha Prajapati was a son of Lord Brahma and the father of many daughters, including Dakshayini or Sati. Sati’s urge to attend the event, due to her affection towards her parents, overpowered the social etiquette of not going to an uninvited ceremony; thus, Daksha insulted her in front of his guests. Furiated Hiranyakashyapu ordered Demons to kill him,they threatened him tried to torture him and threw him in front of Madya Gaj, a charged angry Elephant but it could not trample him,as Vishnu Saved him indirectly. The Final Warning And you had accepted those curses of Brahmins,remember how Shivas Trishul killed your form of Vishwaksen where was your godliness than? His power prowess and tejas all secluded him now Narsimha got stunned out of fear of death,But Shree Sharbheshwar out of extreme anger held his shoulders tied him with his tail ,punched his chest and severed his torso and legs and flew up in the sky and than as an eagle kills a snake he threw him on ground from sky and did it many times,Now Narsimhas ego power etc took a back seat, he requested Sharabha Dev to forgive him,and started praising him with Sharabhashtottarshatnam stotram, Narsimha said I prostrate to Shiva ,Sharva ,Vishnu Bramha roop ,the Greatest Lord of trinity etc.

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On this direction of Shiva, Virabhadra appeared with Shiva’s ganas in the midst of Daksha’s assembly like a storm and broke the sacrificial vessels, polluted the offerings, insulted the Brahmin priests, trampled on Indrabroke the staff of Yama and scattered the gods on every side.

Seeing Vishnu’s Discus approaching him thus, Veerabhadra coolly opened his vast mouth and swallowed it at one gulp; and was none the worse for it. Amavasya Date, time vefr Effects. The Final Warning And you had accepted those curses of Brahmins,remember how Shivas Trishul killed your form of Vishwaksen where was your godliness than?


At last, discovering that it was impossible to subdue Veerabhadra by any ordinary methods, Vishnu decided to take his life once and for all by using his invincible Discus- Sudrasana – feared in all the worlds for its efficacy. He immediately rained powerful arrows at his foe from all directions. The disease is Ego which is false and illusory, is the greatest hurdle in reaching the lord inside, when even a righteous man or Jeeva or Deva is consumed by ego as Narsimha, than the Veerr through his Gyan,eliminates the Ego and let one reach to the real self within.

Therefore, grant me the benediction that I too may have no rival. Hindu deities and texts.

Veerbhadra – A Fearful Avatar Of Lord Shiva

It has disappeared into your body now, and seems as though it had never existed! Its really laughable as you with such power which is given to you by Shiva are threatening me.


Furiated Hiranyakashyapu ordered Demons to kill him,they threatened him tried to torture him and threw him in front of Madya Gaj, a charged angry Elephant but it could not trample him,as Vishnu Saved him indirectly. OSHO on charity daan and sharing. This article needs additional citations for verification. And have you forgot me who has killed Yagyapurushas head who is you according to vedas, and how I defeated and wounded you, even your head came off when i destroyed your Sharang bow, Now listen to me i warn you last time behave yourself and withdraw this Maya of yours this Maya wont affect Shivas devotees ever or see my Greater Mahamaya I tell you the truth I will kill you and take out your skin other wise calm down.

Shree Narsimha Avatar Now it was too much for Hiranyakashayapu who believed that he is lord of universe as all lokas are under his siege,and because his brother was killed by Vishnu he considered him as his enemy, he asked Prahlad one last time to start worshiping him as God. And he held Hiranyakashyapu in rage and said to him so you got the boon, now look at me I am not human or animal or demi god ,this time is not day or night as it was Sandhya time dusk and he took him to the entrance of the palace and put him on his thigh and said thus, look you are not inside or outside neither you are in sky or on earth and than he plunged his sharp paws inside his chest and severed it asunder killing Hiranyakashyapu instantly, As Hiranyakashyapu died devas became happy as lord has protected the sanatana again, than he went to Prahlad and started licking him as a lion does to pamper his beloved one and took Prahlad on his lap lovingly and made him king of Daitayas, But even after killing Hiranyakashyapu lord god Narsimha could not get over his anger and arrogance and his tejas was such that all trilok was on the edge of extinction.

So the action taken by Sharabheshwar the Kriya is Gyan,so normally when even a good human is consumed by Ego,the Gyan of Sharabh inside kills the ego and hence Sharbheshwar lord of Atman the Parmatman presents himself,the man identifies himself with illusory ego which is way temporary and Abh or Sharbheswar is Nitya Eternal not Shar, but agyani ignorant man would build on his ego by puny worldly powers of Wealth ,Kingdom ,strength etc and would think of himself as superior which he is not because temporary cant be Superior but the Atman Sharabh inside is Divine ultra powerful which is the real self,so beguiled by clutches of false pride the man looses the real power of self within him, so when Sharabheshwar comes ,and he only comes when requested ,he dispells the veil of ignorance and ego through Gyan.


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Furthermore, give me all the mystic powers attained by long austerities and the practice of yoga, for these cannot be lost at any time. Thus spake shree Veerbhadra Oh Devas the people who want my devotion shall worship Narsimha too,it pleases me,I offer Namaskar to Narsimha” and he flew away to Kailasa and presented the skin of Shree Narsimha which turned white, to MahaShiva since than Shiva is known as Vyaghrambar Dhari, the one who wears Tiger skin ,The Clad in Tiger skin.

Grant me that I not meet death from any entity, living or non living. Then Lord Shiva was invited to the Yagna and all the Gods respected him henceforth, including Daksha.

Learn how and when to remove these template messages. Shiva smiled at him and said “Oh Veerbhadra go and pacify Vishnu and if he does,nt listen to you than relieve him and bring his singhcharma to me. Nandi Tantrism Jyotirlinga Shiva Temples.

Taking charge of the chariot instantly, he steered it ever so skillfully that Veerabhadra, though angry at first, soon became reconciled and even appreciative on beholding the expert manner in which Brahma conducted the many intricate manoeuvres of the chariot.


Retrieved 4 May When Kayadu mother of Prahlad,wife of Hiranyakashyapu conceived Prahlad she was kidnapped by Narada, who kept her in Swarga with all dignity like a Devi, because Devas being wary of Daityas wanted to put some one of there own among Daityas to conquer them. Rudra Poojan and Vrata.

Such is the greatness of Lord Shiva and his Veerbhadra Avatar. All devas wary of untimely Pralaya apocalypse went to Narsimha and praised him such, Devas said “you are the lord god the creator destroyer and preserver we all are born of you, your nature is Godly without any raag dwesh or bheda affinity,enemity or discrimination ,you are light of stars and you take Avatars to establish sanatana vedic dharma and appease bramhins vedr and mother earth, you rescued Earth from Hiranyaksh taking Varahvatar Boar form ,took Kurmavatar Tortoise from to make Samudra Manthan ocean grinding ,now Vfer lord you are Narsimha Vishnu, and as you have killed the demon kindly withdraw your terrible form and remain calm as we cant resist your extreme tejas, Aura.

Who is there to stand equal to you in might and strength, when my invincible discus-which is capable of powdering a diamond-hard mountain – has not made a scratch on you! Sign In to earn Badges.