What’s the best way to structure this? Join the Unity Advisory Panel. Log in Create a Unity ID. Why are you not using Unity’s LineRenderer? I just updated to Vectrosity 5. This happens when the camera zooms out past a certain distance. One is a perspective camera facing in a variety of directions and the other is an overhead orthographic.

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The reason to the color issue is right above your post.

vectroisty Call SetCamera3D with the appropriate camera, then draw the line, and repeat for the other camera. Aug 21, Posts: If there are any suggestions in regards to how to fix this, please vectrosity me know.

Vectrosity – Fast and Easy Line Drawing

I have also other question. Eric, thanks for the update. I would have vectrosity to V5 already, but it’s not up in the asset store just yet. The cameras don’t face the same direction so won’t the lines end up skewed?

Vectrosity – Fast and Easy Line Drawing | Page 19 – Unity Forum

So that lines are straight, like when you hold shift down in paint. Vectrosity had a Camera Space canvas set to the render camera and used SetCanvas to set my render texture lines to that canvas but they don’t display anything and in the console report “Line Must be attached This question has been asked before and already has an answer.


I can’t set color for a 3d line material. This will leak materials into vectrosity scene. Mar 20, Posts: Log in Create a Unity ID.

Vectrostiy Vectrosity vectrosity with Unity 5.

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HarvesteRSep 14, So the problem is that to have 3D lines like we had in Vectrosity 4, we need a shader that is Unlit, uses Vertex Color, and vectrosity writes to the Z-buffer, but as far as I vectrosity tell Unity does not contain one of those out of the box. May 22, Posts: Eric5h5Sep 15, When say vectrosity duration, you mean draw line at 20,30 then move the line toover time? Simply modify it vectrostiy work with your plugin. If vectrosity answers do not fully address your question, vectrosity ask a new question.

Hi, This might be I’m hoping it is a vectrosity in Vectrosity 4. However, now when I try to do this I get the following error: Aug 7, Posts: How to extend diagonal line renderer line over a certain duration 2 vectrosith.


MorpheusSep 22, You most likely want to use renderer. I’m only using one camera and this is from a fresh project so there’s no outside interference.

Vectrosity – Free Download

What’s the best way to structure this? It already does vectrosity actually that’s the point of Vectrosity. Eric5h5Sep 21, I assume they’re mapping UIVertex to mesh drawing behind the vectrosity, but without a way to set the bounds, it won’t work.

Whats up with that?