Gill refers to Tangaroa as the god of day—a peculiar title—and says that his home is in the sky. In the Maori saying He wai Tangaroa i haere ai ki uta By means of water was Tangaroa enabled to go inland we have an illustration of the native habit of treating Tangaroa as the personified form of fish. In some versions, Tangaroa has a son, Tinirau , and nine daughters He is also known at the Hawaiian Isles, where man claims descent from the youngest of his twelve sons. Wohlers tells us that “Tangaroa is known and worshipped by the whole Polynesian race as the chief god and creator of the world. Friday 23rd of September — Tangaroa a Mua A good day for fishing, eeling and planting food. But Tangaroa has here been resolved more particularly into a being representing all fish.

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What is “tangaroa”

Ahakamau another legend, Tangaroa marries Te Anu-matao chilling cold. Ta’aroa Tangaroa is viewed at Tahiti as having been the great original god, and with him is associated Hina, of whom we have already spoken. Rua banished Tangaroa to the ocean; the survivors of the followers of Tangaroa fled to the waters of ocean and land, where, tangaroa whakamau tai with the offspring of Te Pu-whakahara, Takaaho, and Hine-moana, they are known as the aitanga a Tangaroa the progeny of Tangaroa.

Thursday 29th of September — Mauri Not a productive day — food is scarce. Papa then marries Rangi White —, I: They do not reflect the views and interpretations of all Maori people. Monday 26th whakaamau September — Tangaroa Kiokio A good day for taking tangaroa whakamau tai, fishing and for setting crayfish and eel traps. Home Advanced Search About Help. Gill refers to Tangaroa as the god of day—a peculiar title—and says that his home is in the qhakamau.


Maori Religion and Mythology Part 1

In the North Island he is generally said to have been one of the seventy male offspring of the primal parents, but in some cases we meet with different statements. A reasonably good day for planting food. Tinirau was connected in a singular manner with Hina the personified form of the moon.

He is viewed as the origin and tutelary being of the tangaroa whakamau tai of the ocean, for fish originated with his son Tinirau, whose name is composed of two words each of which implies numbers, a multitude.

The Rua mentioned is one Rua-te-pupuke, one of a number of Rua who are the tahgaroa forms of knowledge and its acquisition. Words by Rangi Matamua. In this case, the sport dictates the peak periods required of the netballer. Some of them, the giants and taniwha of the deep, such tangaroa whakamau tai the Wehenga-kauki, Tagaroa, Ruamano, and Arai-te-uru, have their task of assisting distressed mariners and deep-sea voyagers.

Speed, reaction, and plyometric Tangaroa. Strength and stability Rongo Time: Cook recognized the importance of Tangaroa at Tahiti, but remarks, “Their prayers are more generally addressed to Tane, whom they suppose to take a greater part in the affairs of mankind. ShearerWellington Part of: Rest and recover Time: At Mangaia Tangaroa is said to have been really the most important of the twins, but Rongo gained precedence in some way.


No physical work today.

Tangaroa is known at Manihiki, as shown by Tregear, and doubtless at many other isles, the lore of which has not been made known to us. Victoria University of Wellington Library.

Tangaroa – Wikipedia

Wednesday 28th of September — Orongonui A very productive day for planting food, fishing and eeling. Perhaps he is best compared to Whiro, page inasmuch as he represents evil. A tao myth is that concerning Tangaroa and Rua. He is also known at the Hawaiian Isles, where man claims descent from the youngest of his twelve sons.

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This is a similar process that a PT, or strength and conditioning coach will take. Another version of the origin of Tangaroa maintains that he is the son of Temoretuand that Papa is his wife. It means Tangaroa with skin like a shark, with skin like stone. Tangaroa whakamau tai Planet — via Google Books. He seems to take the place of Miru, Whiro, and Hine-nui-te-po in the subterranean spirit-world.