Praising the place, Rama asks Lakshmana for a building on the banks of the Mandakini River. He describes Hanuman’s childhood attempt to swallow the sun , and encourages him to fly high. Madgulkar accepted the challenge, enlisting his music-director friend Sudhir Phadke popularly known as “Babuji” for the collaboration. Valmiki educates them, teaching them the Ramayan and asking them to spread the message. He sees signs of a fight between two warriors, but is unable to figure out what happened. On their way, Vishvamitra teaches and tells stories to Rama and Lakshmana until they are attacked by a demon named Tratika and her sons, Subahu and Maricha. Geet Ramayan has been translated into nine other languages and also transliterated into Braille.

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Helpless, he is unable to solve the mystery.

Geet Ramayan Sudhir Phadke Music Playlist: Best Geet Ramayan Sudhir Phadke MP3 Songs on

This will remove all the songs from your queue. He decides to bring Rama back and make him the king. To reach the island of Lanka, the vanaras build a bridge. Use British English from January Suxhir dmy dates from January Good articles Articles containing Marathi-language text Articles containing explicitly cited English-language text All articles with dead external links Articles with dead external links from January Articles with permanently dead external links CS1 Marathi-language sources mr.

Rama sends Angada to Ravana with his message, suggesting that if Ravana gives Sita away war will be averted. Madgulkar expressed their various moods, ranging from their divinity to the human weaknesses. On their way to Mithila Rama finds an old, abandoned place where Vishvamitra tells him the story of Ahalya sudhhir, wife of the sudhir phadke geet ramayan Gautama Maharishiand asks him to end her curse.


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Dasharatha and his queens are blessed with four sons, and Ayodhya celebrates joyously. Bharata informs Rama of Dasharatha’s death, pleading with him to return since he is incapable of ruling the kingdom. Evidently, this also completes the cycle of songs where it had begun, with Lava and Kusha singing in Rama’s court. Being hero of the Ramayana and Geet RamayanMadgulkar expressed the varied moods of Rama; he was the most-voiced character in the Geet Ramayan with ten songs, followed by Sita with eight.

Ramaysn sees signs of a fight between two warriors, but is unable to figure out what happened. At Mithila, Rama wins the swayamvara and marries Janaka’s daughter Sudhir phadke geet ramayan. National Award-winning art director Nitin Chandrakant Desai designed the stage depicting scenes from the Ramayana.

Lakshmana notices a commotion, and discovers that Bharata is coming. On the banks of the Teet, Rama asks a boatman to take them across eamayan river to continue their journey, and he complies. Rama refuses; Bharata requests his paduka as a sign of his blessings and sushir.

Every song would be aired first on a Friday morning and then again on Saturday and Sunday morning, between 8: A total of 32 characters from the Ramayana were voiced in ramaan Geet Ramayan. Seeing the poor condition of Lanka in the battle, Ravana wakes Kumbhakarana from his long sleep and he then enters the battlefield.


After Geet Ramayan’ s original broadcast was over in March ofrequests of re-broadcast were flooding the radio station. Jatayu tells him how he fought Ravana and was fatally injured while trying to rescue Sita. While wandering in the forest, Ravana’s sister Shurpanakha sees him. They sing before Rama on the occasion of Ashwamedh Yagnaunaware of the relationship between them.

Geet Ramayan Sudhir Phadke

The poet noted that the song described the sacrifice of joint labour and was an armayan of the principle, “Union is strength”. Rama justifies his interference by saying that he has King Bharata’s permission to punish evil. Comparing him with Rama, Sita criticises his evil intentions and asks him to leave. Geet Ramayan Vol 7 – Sudhir Phadke. Apart from the number of songs, Madgulkar and Phadke left music, lyrics and choice of singers ad libitum.

Ga Balano Shriramayan Sudhir Phadke. Though Valmiki was the main inspiration for the Geet RamayanMadgulkar chose a different narrative format. Sita tells Ravana to let her go to her husband, promising him that Rama would forgive all his sins; if he does not let her leave, he lhadke be killed by the archer Rama.

With the broadcast already scheduled, station director Sitakant Lad requested Madgulkar to re-write the song which was readily declined by sudhir phadke geet ramayan angered poet.