As of 25 Sept , QRZ. There was NO gathering involved. If you are a software developer that would like to add fast callsign lookups to your program, please see our XML Interface Specification. If you take the planted callsigns out of the database, there is no longer QRZ proprietary data in it. My logger, by the way, is N3FJP. If it gives “non-subscriber” you fill not get all informations.

qrz callbook

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Email addresses of active radio amateurs can be easily harvested on the Internet by anyone and collected in a database.

qrz callbook

If you take the planted callsigns out of the database, there is no longer QRZ proprietary data in it. The only unique features I am aware of that QRZ. Hey, you’re probably not doing anything wrong.

qrz callbook

I maintain a local database of the FCC and enhance it myself using geocoding, etc. Would you prefer 4 phone books with incomplete data or 1 with complete data?

Enter a county name and optionally, a comma followed by a 2-letter state code. Anyone with those bogus records in their database obviously extracted data from QRZ which is illegal.

The DLL has to parse this data to extract the city. To enable callbook lookups for stations with which you’ve previously had QSOs, disable that is uncheck “Auto search in logfile” in the MixW Options menu.


QRZ Callsign Database Search by QRZ Ham Radio

Sadly, we no longer have a copy of the original data. It has to be converted to be useful. That is the American way. Then, you’d setup the callbook settings dialog to look like the following: Find ham radio experts for your story.

Upon using the URL in your example, https: They’ve made it abundantly clear to me that they don’t want to see these posts in that group. Download the latest version of the DLL from this page. I Need Your Feedback If you love it, if you hate it, or if you have an idea about how it could be better, I need to here from you.

With the XML Logbook Data service, your logging program will automatically fetch detailed name, address, and QSL information from our extensive collection of more callbook 1.

For example, try changing your address on your QRZ. Do you like to write?

qrz callbook

What they did not do is make qdz public domain or free for anyone to help themselves. Sincethe FCC has changed their entire data distribution system at least twice and as a result it has never been easy to keep track of the current information, let alone the old data.


Callbook support QRZ fails username/password

To do so would be akin to QRZ linking to a web site selling pirated copiers of my software something I know Fred would never do.

QRZ started business around that time and was one of the precious few that actually purchased the government tapes. I think your members would be interested. We never share your e-mail address. Funny, is not it? That take time and programming. Callbook lookups work for some items but not for all, or callbook lookups are returning weird, strange, or incorrect data?

Third, I said nothing about the ham profiles, and that has nothing to do with the address database in question. Send me an email shown at the bottom of this page describing the problem or issue that you’re having as clearly and in as much detail as possible. COM, and downloaded data from their site into his — primarily call data for calls he did not have.

Make sure MixW is not running. But I can’t fix it — I’ve tried. Content may not be reproduced without written permission.