Open your camera and zoom all the way in to the rock at the other side of the gate. You can also get popularity points if you take photos of landmarks. To change the speed press the up or down keys. I need to know what to do when you find the well with the missing crank in week 5 China. He can make the same move twice and as the weeks progress, you will get more choices.

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If you look carefully, you will be able to see small daisy-like flowers along the side of the path. On week 1, how do you save flora? N Alice, wot help do u need?

Please Please Someone tell me what to do when you find the chalenge well in week 5 challehge. Threads Replies Date There was an error processing your request. Go back to the main track, go left, then left again and back into town and into your bedroom. Like the take off spots and Dressage movements although on the DS you have to use the pen-thingy to write. But im stuck on the next part in france, where you have to find the frequency to make a hoax radio call on the police car! Can anyone help me?


Keep going until the road splits, take the right and keep going up the hill until you reach the castle you took a picture of earlier.

Go out of the school and follow the map in your inventory. Follow pippa funnell the golden stirrup challenge dark path or use the chalenge. Search for questions Search here for questions and answers.

On week 5, you have to pick up a cell funnelo from Paul in the library, but I do not know what to do after that.

Pippa Funnell: The Golden Stirrup Challenge – PC –

Log into your account here: Wot on earth do i need to do? When you have to find the other students, go into the shopping area and speak to Aurelie.

On pippa funnel 3 the golden stirrup challenge, I can’t find out where. I hope you do write a walkthrough for Horsez ds because any hints really help.

You can also use the computer here to check the courses in the coming week and the weather. Sorry 4 da 3rd post people!

Questions and Answers for Pippa Funnell: The Golden Stirrup Challenge (PC)

Close Refine your search Select Platform Loading I’m stuck right at the beginning. Popular Games Minecraft Need for Speed: Game Reviews – add yours. It should take you to comment 95 and tell you all about what you need help on!


Will send them this week Holi xx sorry if its not very good, in trying to explain as clearly and easily as I can, any tips would be appreciated. You will get scored on each movement and will get an overall score at the end of the test. This site is not affiliated in any way with Microsoft, Sony, Sega, Nintendo or any video game publishers. Go out the big green door. By continuing to use this site you agree to accept these cookies. Please submit a support ticket and tell us how we can help you.

When I have to go and look for Spike so that I can go to the meeting I. Take the right and keep following the hoof prints up the hill. Is the game better than the first one? Maddie, have you got the picture of the message on the rock? I am on the part where you need the key to open pippa funnell the golden stirrup challenge antiques shop.