Words — You can edit and add a word to guess. Examples of difficult words include “anino” and “luha”. In the reformatted jackpot round, the winning pair must guess words this time around instead of categories. The players are given two minutes. In the daily round, three pairs compete against one another by each guessing a word in under two minutes.

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Jan 22, Version 2. Pairs compete against one another in order to guess the word in under two minutes. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

This edition is the second season of the Dabarkads Pinoy Henyo series. If the guesser got the word, tap the middle screen to stop the timer.

Pinoy Henyo Online Game

Meanwhile, the Pautakan portion is the traditional Pinoy Henyo word-guessing tournament for pairs of high school students. Pinoy Henyo is a puzzle game where it make you guess a word and you can only answer with 3 choices. Game-nighters, your app is here! Students from various universities and colleges across the Philippines face each other in a series of elimination rounds to be narrowed down into six pairs pinoy henyo game the grand finals.


Kids’ Trainer for Heads Up! Jan and Jamie Echano were declared as the winning couple of the pinoy henyo game after guessing five words. This is the first of the two “Battle of the Champions” special episodes of Pinoy Henyo, which were both aired in The pep squad henho the Francisco P.

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The pair receives an additional cash prize for each category guessed. This edition is the first season of the Junior Pinoy Henyo series. Retrieved from ” http: Overtime, Pinoy Henyo also adapted a single-elimination tournament format in order to bring more competition to the game.

The players can opt to pass if they are having difficulty guessing the word. The ultimate party game from Ellen DeGeneres. Play the ever-famous Pinoy Henyo game!

All words in this gameplay are the hardest to guess. Examples of difficult words include “anino” and “luha”. The guesser will hold his phone on his forehead and he will just need to guess the word.

Pinoy Henyo

Whichever pair guesses the word with the fastest time advances to the jackpot round to earn additional cash winnings. Right now my Iphone is stuck on the “word list”, I tried to fix it using my Ipad but I got my Ipad stuck too. Pinoy Henyo Kids 3 May —present is the reincarnation of the Batang Pinoy Henyo series for childen who are 8 years old or below that features a brand-new interactive motion-sensor catching challenge in addition to the traditional word-guessing game.


The dance team of A. Vincent College of Cabuyao won the tournament after guessing nine words. Team Cram was proclaimed as the winner of the competition after guessing six words. Meanwhile, the Pautakan portion is the traditional Pinoy Henyo word guessing tournament for pairs of high school students.

Experience the awesome taste and delectable flavors pinoy henyo game Filipino Food. We also release words every week or month. Pinoy henyo game pair guesses the most words with the fastest time wins the game. Read Tagalog Jokes that are so Funny!