The process of combining the 2D images to create raysets does not seem to provide an accurate way to determine correct ray emanation points. There are several ways that sources can be modeled and these various methods are discussed in some detail in this SPIE Lamp Modeling Paper. Any piece of business software should pay for itself quickly, or it is not worth having. Without Photopia, after your initial design, you’ll likely need to build, test and refine on a physical prototype several times, costing you significant time and money. Customers can also submit proprietary materials for measurement, ensuring the most accurate data possible for their analyses. This allows us to tailor the training content and work on your own projects.

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Do you have custom lamps or materials for individual OEMs? Sustainable Cities and Society.

Photopia Library Accuracy

The reason why Type 2 models don’t support pjotopia and reflection of light within the source model is because the effects of any refraction and reflection are already taken into account in the measured distribution photopia 2 software to the model. Photopia Optical Design Software Photopia is a commercial optical engineering ray-tracing software program for the design and analysis of non-imaging optical systems. With 25 years of history in raytracing, we know what is required to produce an accurate simulation.

I have purchased and learned software for the past 10 years and I have never had the quality of tech support I received from Mark [Jongewaard].

Photopia ยท Simulation and Library Accuracy

The current library includes over source models with a large selection of LEDs, and also includes sun and sky dome models for daylighting device designs. The differences are greatest when an index matching gel is used between the LED and lens.


The Parametric Optical Design Tools module allows photopia 2 software to create optical designs in which you phogopia how the light is aimed and the relative amount of light sent toward the various directions in your distribution.

Contact us for lease pricing. Instead of iterating with physical prototypes that you must spend time building and testing, iterate inside of Photopia, where the only cost is your own photopia 2 software. The first step to evaluating if Photopia is a good fit for your company is to schedule an sofgware demonstration where one of our expert optical engineers will discuss your projects and give you a walkthrough of the software.

Retrieved from ” https: Want to start a trial? Reflective surfaces are also embedded within the bulb underneath. Garbage In Garbage Out.

Photopia Optical Design Software – Wikipedia

Allows you to trace refraction, which is necessary if you’re designing or analyzing lenses that bend light using refraction.

Photopia is the most widely used optical design and analysis software at lighting companies all over the world. How the light is initially emitted from the LED die. The majority of the companies in the architectural lighting industry who sell performance driven products use Photopia.

Over the same time period, with Photopia you can test and iterate over more designs than with physical prototypes, which lets you get to the most optimal design. Given a choice between rayset and Photopia source models for the same LED, a Photopia model will likely produce more accurate results, especially as the beam gets wider. The proper distribution of light is created only after all of these components interact with each other.

Of the two aspects of lamp modeling, where is the light going and where is it coming from, raysets only accurately address where the light is going.


The 2 cases presented illustrate that there are significant differences in simulated results depending on the source modeling method used. We’ve used Photopia for several years and believe it has been the second most important purchase made for product development, second photopia 2 software to to the purchase of an automated punch press. The images on the right with a Photopia lamp model show a more accurate overall beam shape and peak beam angles.

Photopia has been in continual development sincefirst by Lighting Technologies, Inc. This lack of geometry also causes an issue with accurate ray emanation points. We photopia 2 software take care to measure the varying color emission with respect to emission area and emission angle.

The main purpose of taking these interactions into account in a Type 3 model photopia 2 software to generate more accurate ray emanation points. Lamp Library Our lamp library contains over fully measured and modeled lamps, including full spectral data. The scope of these tools also continues to evolve so they can address as many types of designs as possible, since the design process is photopia 2 software shortened when these tools are utilized.

Pages using Infobox software with unknown parameters. Since Type 2 lamp models in Photopia do not support refraction and reflection of light upon initial emanation, a Type 3 LED model is needed. This page was last edited on 8 Augustat