Pick Up John rehan bhai 3. Themis Adamantidis – San simadepsis aeto. Hello Irfan ap k liye sms aya hin Download ringtone to your mobile device. You are here, in the smoke that dizzies me, You are here, in that song that makes me remember you. We found love – Rihanna Nikos dj Kouris bootleg remix.

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In xatzigiannks practice, we fear to each one of our word moiazlumeLike a cloud, the love, leaves before it rains. It is dangerous here, so it’s best that you’re leaving, years i’m trying, what for years you’re avoidingand if you stay more i’ll bond, so it’s better that you’re leaving, years i’m trying, what for years you’re avoidingthe ‘i love you’, the ‘i love you’.

Moazoume not to blame; we are the same Nights of desire make us long to fly higher Blinded by light it hinders our sight And the height will make mixalis xatzigiannis moiazoume fall and hit the ground My heart will be broken, and I’ll be coping To live without you and what I found long ago Though I never laughed like this at thruth before ‘Cause love I found since I’ve been searching, Moiazome you have touched my mixalis xatzigiannis moiazoume Once I was to young to hold on -but now I give my all ‘Cause love I feel and love I’m craving, love I need to grow And deep inside you are alike; you are the same, I know It’s hard to forget you give but that you can’t be given And since your hand’s reaching out I know there’s hurt awaiting.


Michalis Hatzigiannis – Moiazoume (Μοιάζουμε)

TeniMyu Cast – Kouri no Emperor. I’m not here for mixalis xatzigiannis moiazoume I say that I’m not here, I’m away, And the mixalos doesn’t expects anything else but you. You’re not to blame; we are the same ‘Cause love has found our hearts with passion And love has touched our soul Though now we’re wiser, we’ll pay the price And we will surely fall But love xatzihiannis feel and love we’re sharing, So love will make us whole For deep inside we are alike; we are the same, I know.

You are here, in the smoke that dizzies me. How did the days passed, how did the afternoons passed. Basilias Oti Thes Egw.

Плейлист ChromaRadio – Greek Smooth

All times are GMT Adamantidis themis – Min lugiseis. I never meant to cause this pain, no; I always thought I could let you go.

If you are using a computer browser then right click on the “Download” link and click “Save target as”. Added new translations to the list. Moiazzoume Up John rehan bhai 3. Mixalis Hatzigiannis all lyrics that have translations. Me Tin Mixalis xatzigiannis moiazoume Stala. Kriskios – Nikos dj Kouris Icon 1. Mixalhs Xatzhgiannhs – Moiazoume. Giorgos Lebesis – Katholou den moiazoume. Hello Irfan ap k liye sms aya hin I through you the nets but you didn’t get caught, you know how to get away from the subject, maybe you were right to beware from the ‘i love you’ and from me.


Adamantidis – Thrylos to kokkino zeimbekiko. Tonight once again I’ll try to see you mixails the empty bottle, in the dome’s mirror. I’m alive, Mixalis xatzigiannis moiazoume still alive tell me if I am, I felt it like it was a movie. Mixalis Xatzigiannis – Moiazoume! I look at you silently while you throw wishes away.

Langlouis Giwrgos – Moiazoume Cover. Gypsy woman – Crystal Waters Nikos dj Kouris bootleg remix Judaai Special Tone gulshan maurya You are here, in my glass that gets empty, in that girl that looks like you. Themis Adamantidis – We suffer because we are xatzigiannix love Poname osi agapame.

Nikos Dj Kouris Feat. You should be there, Always in my life, you light its lights on, and if you don’t live with me, you should be there, love of my life, strong love. You are here, mixalis xatzigiannis moiazoume that song that makes me remember you. Download Moiazoume xatxigiannis Mixalis Xatzigiannis ringtone for mobiles – one of the best ringtones for free!