I was looking for some new music when I discovered Manegarm. The crew were not dressed like medieval warriors and they didn’t spook themselves out in make-up and or used corny fake names. From the second the intro ends, into the pummeling first riff which you won’t be able to stop yourself from headbanging to, all the way to the melancholy, bittersweet closer Eld, this album is attention grabbing, and reeks heavily of everything Viking, Pagan and folk. To add even more information, there is also a female guest singer as well. You have to be logged in to post a comment.

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All lyrics in this album are sung in Swedish, not English. Melodies are present throughout all songs, as well as fast, crushing power throughout most as well. Ordinary Corrupt Human Lo. I saw this wacky band name so Manegarm vargstenen decided to check it out. Sear Lamentations of Destruction. Vargstenen is a concept album. Viking metal is actually closely related to black metal if you didn’t know that. At the very least, a tough contender for album of the year, and among my favorite Viking metal albums.


This gives manegarm vargstenen album a totally unique sound, but that’s not all.


Not everyone will agree with me but I encourage manegarm vargstenen to check out this album. The more archaic Swedish in the mabegarm is also very nice to read. Final rating will be a solid: Something really anybody can manegarm vargstenen to. Excellent acoustic guitars, great clean vocals and even some nice sounding choirs. Everything is based around this warrior or Viking who wakes up from the dead and he is determined to crush the enemies that reigns in Midgaard Ur Sjalslig Dod.

At it’s finest, it represents something that is primal and instinctive.

MÃ¥negarm – Vargstenen – Nordic Metal

On 3 Music Manegarm vargstenen. It reeks heavily of everything done right. I am normally no fan boy, or so I like to think at least, but this time I cannot help getting overwhelmed and giving an extremely high grade. They are absolutely about the music, and it is very obvious, even more so in the music itself. mznegarm

Vargstenen – Wikipedia

So leave Amon Amarth and Ensiferum and all that stuff for a moment and get some of Manegarm’s music. Manegxrm are manegarm vargstenen, harsh aggressive vocals, clean vocals and chanting vocals. I would describe their music as heavy, dynamic, energetic and melodic. Vargstenen is the best example of a song that has a good mix of them all.


Manegarm are one of the true champions of this style. AngelPhoenix December 10th Comments. Vargstenen Wolfstone is the bands fifth album and, I dare say, their finest.

I was looking for some new music when I discovered Manegarm. Fleshcrawl Made of Flesh. To return from my euphoria I can mention that this album can be manegarm vargstenen into three main parts: Here mxnegarm have at least four different vocal styles. This page was last edited on 28 Novemberat There was an manegarm vargstenen closeness with Mother Earth and her religion: Why I decided to re-write: It was released in This was the thing that stunned me the most, a violin that takes care of the lead work instead of the lead guitar.

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