The following day, he bumps into her on the train and asks his friend to mislead her into getting down at a wrong station. Tamizh teases her, causing her to leave him waiting for her as she presents her wedding gift to the newlyweds and leaves. You have great music. Dinesh Ravi Malavika Nair. Thinking that he is going to propose, she happily follows. Had the rest of Cuckoo worked at this level, we might have had a masterpiece”.

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Views Read Edit View history. Manasula soora kaathey ringtone from ” https: The next time he gets on the train, Tamizh candidly talks to his friend about how they played a prank on Kodi the other day, not realizing she is right in front of him. Event occurs at Last Update: Sean RoldanDivya Ramani. The New Indian Express. When Tamizh has finally recovered from the accident, he finds that Kodi has left Chennai to stay away from her brother’s family.

Cuckoo’ s music was composed by Santhosh Narayanan.

As a result, Kodi is late for her first day of teaching practice. Gana BalaSathish, Dhee.

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With the help of his friends, he composes a romantic poem for her which he records in a CD. However, her greedy elder brother had promised to marry her off to someone else in return for a favour, forcing her and Tamizh to elope. As they are both silent throughout the journey, neither of them realize the other is also in the van. Angered, she manasula soora kaathey ringtone him with her walking stick, causing him to bleed.


The team completed the making of the film by Novemberwith Dinesh revealing his satisfaction on how the film shaped up.

Had the rest of Cuckoo worked at this level, we might have had a masterpiece”. During one of the weddings he performs at, he meets Sudhanthirakodi, a young woman who is studying to become a teacher and is also visually-impaired.

She and her friends then go after whoever kaatheg tricked her.

Kalyani NairPradeep Kumar. Tamizh is a visually-impaired young man who works as a singer for an entertainment troupe. Now you need to pull together these building blocks and assemble a compelling movie. When he goes to meet her at her school, he slips the CD into her bag, only to learn from her best friend that Kodi dreams manasula soora kaathey ringtone marrying a person who can see.

He went on to add, “The best stretch Dinesh Ravi Malavika Nair.

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On that very day, Vinod takes Kodi out for lunch to show her a surprise. The soundtrack album and the score were well manasula soora kaathey ringtone by critics.


Cuckoo received generally positive reviews from critics. Thinking that he is going to propose, she happily follows. However, Kodi feels bad for what she did and apologizes to him the next time they meet.

It never expects or forces the audience to sympathize with Kodi or Tamizh at any given point in the film”. When she returns home, she is surprised to find Tamizh’s CD and is touched when she listens to it. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

The film sooea Dinesh and Malavika Nair as a visually challenged pair, while Aadukalam Murugadoss plays a pivotal role. Tamizh goes to the city in search of his one true love and they soor finally united.

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Tamizh is embarrassed and is angry when his friends tease him about the incident. After a period of time, a reporter friend tells him Kodi was seen in Mumbai. As their friendship grows deeper, Tamizh falls in love with Kodi.