Zia-ul-Qur’aan Publications original from the University of Michigan. He has spiritual permission from many Sufi saints of the Arab and non-Arab world. Shaiekh e Akbar Muhiyud deen ibne Arabi. These were also broadcast on the local TV. Okarvi has been leading the Friday prayers and also explaining in detail the Holy Qur’an. Saiyyidah Zaienab bunt e Khuzaiemah.

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In he became the secretary of Bazm-e-Adab and later became its president. Shaiekh e Akbar Muhiyud deen ibne Arabi. Okarvi has been leading the Friday prayers and also explaining in detail the Holy Qur’an.

Kaukab Noorani Okarvi

Retrieved 31 July He received ten rupees for a show and in he appeared on television, for which he received twenty rupees for a show. People should not sit idle they should work and stay busy.

In he again visited the United Arab Emirates to give lectures. They are of a wide variety of topics including Islam and all its teachings, Urdu literature, fictionscience, history and general knowledge.


Annual 35th Urs Shareef Magazine Compile. For the Urdu article please click “Urdu” kokab noorani bayan with the flag on the top left corner of the website. Retrieved 29 July Jis Suhaani Ghari Ch Kaukab Noorani Okarvi Urdu: These revered and respected personalities have guided my learning at every stage of my life.

Seraat Hazrat Aeysha Allama Maulana Kokab Noorani Okarvi

Even the so-called wayfarers of the road to Madinah, the preachers are changing the truth and truthfulness, and the standard-bearers kokab noorani bayan peace and security self-proclaimed are with their tongues, pens and deeds, disgracing their own Millat and group, their own Masjid and pulpit.

Here he was interviewed on All India Radio Urdu service. Azaadi e Izhaar yaa K and Bangladesh his television shows are telecasted. This little bit recognition of letters and words and the skills of experimenting with them that have come to me, it is mostly because of my environment which was due to my kind parents, paternal grandfather, maternal grandmother, teachers and holy people.

Kaukab Noorani Okarvi – Wikipedia

Auliyaa Mahboob e Ilaahi. His elders were mostly businessmen by profession but personally they had spiritual temperament in nature.


Since Okarvi has been the chairman of Gulzar-e-Habib Trust. Retrieved 30 September Latest Media Sunday December 16th, 0 Comment. This page was last edited on 21 Novemberat Ahmad bin Husain Baihaqi. Zia-ul-Qur’aan Publications original from the University of Michigan. Okarvi was born in KarachiPakistan. Retrieved 12 June kokab noorani bayan Between andOkarvi was invited to South Africa six times. In he passed his intermediate examination from Government National College, Karachi and he was awarded his advance degrees.

Okarvi is the second manifestation of Shayr-e-Rabbaani’s glad tidings which was given to his grandfather by his Shaiekh. In he travelled to India for the first time where he visited many cities, shrines, mosques and gave lectures.

It was always his kokab noorani bayan to start his journey to any country via Madinah so that he could receive the blessings of Muhammad.