But that’s ever more curious since I haven’t played on it and they were convinced of having recognized my sound. OK, the music is more “haiku” – elegant, clear, not complex, but with strong inside prettyness. Better Late Than Never Sound of The Galleo is totally based on harp. Whether he succeeds or not, this is entirely up to the listener’s conception. The concept, the songs and the lyrics are all by Jon Anderson, and all vocals and instruments are also performed by Jon Anderson lead and backing vocals, guitars, harp, synthesizer and percussions.

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You are not logged, please complete authentication before continuing use forum credentials. The planet Sunhillow is home of four tribes, Nagrunium, Asatranius, Oractaniom and Nordranious, [4] [5] each of whom represent a different aspect of “music consciousness”, which comes under threat of a catastrophic eruption of its “harnessed volcano”.

The music here is a seamless combination of acoustic instruments, guitar, sitar, harp, many types of percussions and synthesizers. Not everyone will be into the New Aginess or high pitched music, but it still delivers as a progressive excursion into unchartered musicscapes.

It doesn’t quite give the same drive or punch as Yes, but it has the same soul. It comes in a green sleeve with jpn booklet with the storyline depicted therein. Latest members reviews Yesterday I went to a record fair and picked up a piece of vinyl I had not seen since i was 18 in Eventually, the lead vocal sings the English lyrics over an unchanged instrumentation.


That being said, it’s not bad neither.

JON ANDERSON Olias Of Sunhillow reviews

Written, performed and recorded entirely by Mr. Contrary to some earlier releases it presents all the artwork, but very small. They created the outer-shell of the ship.

After 5 minutes of vocal showmanship it gets intense near the endthe song undergoes a mellow and beautiful keyboard solo section. Like much of the album, it benefits from jon anderson olias of sunhillow memorable vocal melody and frolicsome instrumentation. Howeveras I said abovefor understanding Aderson essence, almost every proghead should at least hear this album once. The people had left Sunhillow because the planet could no longer support the tribes. He said that he hoped to have the first bits of Zamran out in a year.

Qoquaq’s song was so strong that all was attracted towards him and he travelled towards the Moorglade. The transcendentalism, Shamanism and New Age themes explored on Yes albums are given the full treatment here and it comes across as heavy handed and impenetrable.

I believe the record represents more the way he is than what he does with Yes, no offense sunhilkow. If indeed this is jin solo effort by Jon Anderson I’m very impressed. This is a bit of a marmite album for mostsome hate it, some od it, i’m in the latter camp.

Olias of Sunhillow

Not too supportive to start listening this. Anderson’s voice may not be for everyone but I like the way he croons on high falsetto and at least on this album his voice is not strained. Flight of the Moonglade Jon Anderson. The tension and release of dark and light shades in the texture of the music makes for some compelling listening. Olias of Sunhillow features many different acoustic instruments, which Jon layers as well as his own vocals with great effect.


The vocal andeerson are again so well done. That main song suddenly gives way to the only dark moment sunhillos the album, full of quirky synthesizer and minor chords.

Inaround the time Olias of Sunhillow was re-released, Jon anderson olias of sunhillow announced that he was making a sequel called The Songs of Zamran: It became to be the most successful of Yes’ solo aunhillow, reaching 8 in the UK charts and breaking into the US top Given the acoustic nature of the music, this could be associated with ethnic Folk or World Music, some would say New Age.

Jon sets a frame okias folk, tribal and even jon anderson olias of sunhillow tunes to present his first solo work. It is not a hidden Yes album, but has its own distinct, otherworldly feel, created by the intricate layers of instruments and vocals.

Better Late Than Never Best Anderson solo album and one of great proto-new age albums. Maybe this is the world Rick referred too when he said that Jon is the only person trying to save this oliass while living in another?