IceScrum is a web-based project management software which uses Scrum method. Prioritize your backlog Estimate your stories. I don’t know how a mere mortal can guess how it works. As soon as he thinks that a story is sufficiently detailed, the Product Owner evaluates it. We hope that you find required tools among open source projects, but if not, visit our website to check out the cool features of our professionally maintained agile software.

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Because of the significant changes, you cannot install iceScrum v7 in place of your existing iceScrum R6 installation. Here is the detailed migration procedure. When icescrum create a project, you get all the permissions on it, which icescrum equivalent to being Product Owner and ScrumMaster.

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Stories represented by cards and there are several icescrum filters presets. Product Backlog The icescrum is the set of stories which are groomed, refined and prioritized so they can be planned in sprints and implemented by the team. First, ixescrum on the Log in button to navigate to the login page. You can do it from the Planning view:. You can estimate your stories by comparing them with your other estimated stories.

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Plan your sprint Start your sprint. In the backlogthe Product Owner icescruk prioritize stories by ordering them and the team can estimate them. It icescrum the right place to complete the knowledge about a story. Then if you click on this newly created story a blue button will propose you to accept it which is the logical next move for a freshly created story.


And once accepted the same blue button will propose you to estimate it, etc… So keep it in mind, the blue button always helps! If you check the box Create the first release and its sprints. I should say usability problems are still there. Your project Give your project a name, a key a human-friendly identifier to construct project URLs and decide its visibility: It is written in small letters un help section. If you cannot ask for a trial because you already have used one before, just let us know and we will create a trial icescrum for you.

But then you are starting having troubles. It appears you have to Accept them. Read more about stories and their workflow in the dedicated documentation. Team and project icescrum When you create a project, you get icescrum the permissions on it, which is equivalent to being Product Owner and ScrumMaster. You created icescrum user stories, but don’t see them in a Product Backlog.

Thus, if you want to install iceScrum v7 on a machine that previously hosted iceScrum R6 but doesn’t anymore e. IceScrum is free and open source. Give your project a name, a key a human-friendly identifier to construct project URLs and decide its visibility: For a new product, a top-down approach is often used, starting with the definition of features. Icescrum a new team, you can look for new member in the search bar and choose the role: This site has been created by Targetprocessicescrum company that has been developing commercial software for agile project management and bug tracking since If you have already created a icescrum you can choose it.


This entry was posted in ScrumXP. Icescrum starting the project, the Sandbox can contain dozens of elements. The Planning view shows the life of a product in the long-term, presented along icescrum timeline, with the successive releases and the sprints contained in these releases.

It’s also there that you can activate an iceScrum Pro license. Allow your users and stakeholders to vote for the stories they prefer. Then you click Sandbox link and see Create a icescrum user story button.