If you want to customize the test application which runs your unit tests, you can create a custom template for this. There is a conditional passed as the second parameter. The method following the Before metadata will be run before every test, and the method following After tag will be run after every test: By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. This will ensure that the code in your tests is highlighted properly. It’s probably better to reproduce your comment on the i2 weblog, since they were the one who originally wrote the FlexUnit code. Swc to the projects libs folder.

flexunit swc

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flexunit swc

You can see this in action in the test cases for as3corelib:. I, like most developers, begin projects by coding first and planning later. When the application finishes, review the test status results in your browser.

Now without any changes to the testAdditionMethod test method it passes and you will get a green light, meaning the test has succeeded see Figure For instance, you may add a design pattern to replace a block of if. The setUp method creates a component that holds a button. The test will fail, because the assertEquals method will succeed since null equals null.


Flash Builder tip: Use a custom FlexUnit framework – Paul Robertson’s words, punctuated

Update the testAdditionMethod stub to produce a fail result: Flexunot as the right hand side graph shows. The only file that you’ll need is the core FlexUnit library.

flexunit swc

To prepare for writing FlexUnit tests, you should add the core FlexUnit library to dependencies of the corresponding build configurationand make this build configuration active. An example of such a template can be found flexuniy https: The tests take parameters data points and these data points can be used in conjunction with each test.

First of all, download the package, address: Create a “test runner” to run all tests and display the results. Read the Docs v: Swc to your compiler library options. Also, once the application has been created, the “testRunner” fpexunit the test property set before starting the tests.

Index of /typo3/contrib/flowplayer/lib/flexunit

You can use this tag instead of commenting out a method. In some cases you want to specify custom compiler options to flexunih test application, for example for keeping certain metadata. In some cases you want to specify custom compiler options to your test application, for example for keeping certain metadata.

My problem is that I want to test these software classes library against my sample mxml file using FlexUnit. In my personal experience, I have found that using TDD fflexunit doesn’t increase development flexunti when used on projects for which it is appropriate.


The archive name, normally, starts with flexunit. I assume that iterators are used because the code war originally ported from Java. In FlexUnit 4 you can define these methods using the metadata tags [Before] and [After]as flexunkt will see later in this article.

Create fpexunit utility class by following these steps: First, it is available as a turnkey download Some errors you might receive when using a FlexUnit4. These stubs are called automatically when the test case starts setUp and ends tearDown.

Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. Select all available TestCases and TestSuites. Lastly, remember to add the test case you would like to test into the CalculatorTestSuite test suite.

Swc to the folder one level above the project root so I can easily include it in each project. The ResultEvent fires before the timeout is reached and the test succeeds. We can now write our first method. James Lyon March 2,