Alchemist Example , DotA 6. I am SO psyched-out and thrilled for the next AI release. Anonymous January 19, at 5: Thank you so much PBMN. Dota2 News Patch 6. Anonymous November 18, at If facing a melee lineup that is easy food, Stats may be the better route to take.

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Rizky Erizka November 8, at 7: Similarly, Silence can be skilled up earlier if the necessity arises. Anonymous November 10, at 9: Anonymous November 17, at 1: Level 2 – 16 damage per second, reduces armor by 4. Care to read his statement?

Anonymous October 23, at 6: Anonymous November 21, at 5: Start the program by double clicking the file Vista and Windows 7 must Run as Administrator. Release the AI Map were so excited for 6.

DotA vc AI En – Warcraft 3 Maps – Epic

Free DOTA 2 until the game’s official release for all. Level 1 – 8 damage per second, reduces armor by 3. Miscellaneous Turn On extension script: I thought it is just a week.


For anyone that missed it I have no idea how or why you’d do such a stupid thing but The games where smooth, no real bugs or errors and gameplay seemed brilliant! Nothing will change, unless you gave him a free apartment on Munich. Anonymous November 29, at 5: Anonymous November 21, at 4: Thank you DotA “Nothing Compares”. Slightly improves movement speed. Anonymous November 18, at Trueshot Aura is maxed last just at the time that the bonus damage truly begins to shine.

Lasts for 25 seconds. Anonymous November 10, at 6: Thank you so much PBMN. dota 6.76 ai

Tuesday, 25 December MAPs. Make a version were AI are gone harder to beat. Anonymous December 29, at Dota Customkey Generator version 4.

DotA v6.81b AI 1.1.9 download

Even that there are many problems with the AI version. What does that mean? Anonymous November 11, at 3: This choice is situational and up to your judgment. Focus your hero All above hotkeys can be customized under Miscellaneous I recommend that you also read Extension Script Read Me before using the script. The lease contracts for apartments in Berlin and Munich xi similar, though, and it dota 6.76 ai be months before PBMN gets settled in.