Digital marketing is a broad term for online marketing.


Website's Title

Your website’s title tag is one of the most important on-page elements in SEO. It not only tells search engines about the content on your page, it also helps them determine its relevance. It’s therefore important to optimize your title tag for your focus keyword and cluster of keywords. The title tag will be shown to searchers when they are looking for information on a particular topic.

A well-written meta description will help drive traffic to your website. It should contain keywords and encourage users to click on your link. To do so, you must understand who your ideal searcher is and what they’re looking for.

Website's CTR

If you want to increase your website’s CTR, you should optimize your title tags by incorporating well-known brand names. If your brand is not yet well-known, there are several ways to build brand recognition.


For example, Google encourages brands to include branding in their home-page titles and moves the brand name to the front of the title automatically.


When composing your title tag, try to incorporate your main keywords near the beginning. This will help users recognize the relevance of the page in the SERPs.


The reason for using your main keyword early is that most people scan web pages in an F-shaped pattern, so you want to catch their eye right away.


In addition, you can use a simple modifier to improve visibility for several related keywords at once.

Google’s algorithm uses the title tag to determine what content to display on your page. You want to make sure that you include your main keyword or keywords in the title tag, but be careful not to “keyword stuff.” Instead, make the title tag descriptive of the content of your page.

Link Text

It's the link text that appears in search results and it must convince new visitors that your content is relevant to their needs.


When it comes to SEO, the readability of your title tag is of vital importance. Google's RankBrain algorithm tries to present searchers with content that matches their queries.


Higher-ranking content is better-positioned to attract new visitors. As a matter of fact, Backlinko found that the top three title tags on Google receive 75 percent of all clicks.

Title Tag

A good title tag tells them exactly what to expect from your content, and helps them navigate through it fluidly. Furthermore, moving up in rank increases your clickthrough rate by about 30%.


When people are searching for information on a topic, they want to know what the article is all about. To improve readability, use bolding, bulleted lists, and numbered lists. Images are also helpful in making content more readable.

Keyword Placement