Besides those 2 albums are in the top 10 of my all time favorite Stoner Metal. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2. September 13th Comments. SharkTooth June 1st Comments. I changed it to ” Each song follows a clear structure, condensed into mid-length pieces of sheer gold. Colour Haze Tempel 4.

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September 13th Comments. I love these guys. They stand comfortably beyond their own footsteps which lay strewn across untamed heavy psychedelic music; and yet they still act as though their journey has only just begun. Off to see them in Feb too, babysitter permitting.

Colour Haze can rightfully say they know their own sound more than most bands do, and have fully exploited this knowledge for their betterment. It soon becomes obvious that this is only the tip of the iceberg, as the drums manage their way into the mix. One line that I didn’t feel made sense: Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply.


Colour haze tempel goes another 0. Los Sounds de Krauts. It will be no surprise here that Kyuss tops at least my list. October 31, at 9: Just listen to Aquamaria here above and you know it!

May 1, at Went and bought their latest hazw off iTunes. Also a little tip-off: SharkTooth September 13th Comments. April 25, at 3: They truly are the spiritual successor of Kyuss. Have been meaning colour haze tempel post a thank you for the tip off to these guys. See hsze latest updates. November 19, at 3: Tempel is arguably their most subdued and streamlined effort, not bothering to launch itself into forced experimentation.

Colour Haze

As dynamic as they are, a song never drags on even upon the first listen, with the band successfully putting to rest any idea before it even begins to grow distasteful. January 27, at 6: Mail not published, required. You have to be logged in to post a comment. Alocasia Garden Burning the Flags. Instead Tempel is an integral piece that flows as effortlessly as the sand it sits upon. Thanks for your support. Just beyond the burning sands of the horizon rests the holy Tempel Colour Haze treks miles away from any remote sense of identification, colour haze tempel at the very least their musical contemporaries.


Colour Haze – Wikipedia

Will read the review colour haze tempel. The Obelisk highly supports you getting your groove on. Before you know it, Colour Haze erupts into a sandstorm of power that engulfs the senses. Colour Haze Tempel 4. The song continues a roughly similar rhythm while adding humming vocals with a voice that could not be better fit, and amping the guitar to a distortion tepel the earliest workings of the genre.