I’m not going to come and say “I’m going to give you a little gun, I’m going to give you a little slackness and then I’m going to give you a little righteousness”. Just hold on tight and have faith because Jah says if we have faith we can move mountains. His personal objective is to take the youths off the streets, knowing that if he can change even one youth through his songs, then there is hope. And when I went and met with them they were like, “this song got to stop playing because it’s very violent and the word ‘gash’ means a big inflicted wound on a person”. And I didn’t say ‘me’ I said “when The Almighty hold you, no ifs nor buts, don’t tell The Almighty about maybe, The Almighty will gash them and light them”. This is just me and The Almighty reasoning when I was by myself. In Miami it’s on rotation and we just completed a video for it in New York and it looks to be a great song.

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I mean, I had a good life there. But look at Bob Marley – Bob Marley is the biggest reggae artist in the world. Shane Brown is all about getting the message out there. The majority of the rhythms come from Kemar Flava McGregor. My albums are always spiritual but this is deep deep spiritual ffnder know what I mean?

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What I want do is set up a fund, like a trust fund so that when I tour I can tell people, “donate a dollar to this fund” so it could father a couple of kids and send them to school. The fastest thing to reach the people is music so that’s what we have to use to reach the people. A lot of people have the wrong conception about Rastafari.


So that’s the type of stuff I’m really on right now. Chuck fender gash dem I didn’t grow up from a baby and go right through school in America – I just went over there in my teens. I could chuck fender gash dem put a little reverb on his mic”. He’s a young guy and he still carries on the culture vibration like Jammys used to carry and Bobby Digital and all those guys used to carry back in the day.

King Jammy is like the general. Recent Entries Killing of August Town man marks first death of the new year NY Governor Andrew Cuomo pardons 13 Caribbean nationals; five of them Jamaicans Chinese businessman arrested for stabbing customer Man murdered in Dallas Castle year-old arrested for stabbing death of year-old year-old attorney on fraud charge No exemptions as plastic bag ban takes effect Tickets selling fast for Buju’s Barbados show Fatherless Gang and Socks Gang planning attack on cops Education minister intervenes in ‘expletive’ case.

Riddimguide – Tune: Chuck Fender – Gash Dem

I’m against violent lyrics. Certain people want it a certain way and certain people would go slower. So I’m lobbying to help get a lot of these kids into college or into these workshops to get a skill.

And I didn’t say ‘me’ I said “when The Almighty hold you, no ifs nor buts, don’t tell The Almighty about maybe, The Cuhck will gash them and light them”. This gxsh is a very spiritual album. So just have faith for now and everything will be better man.


I don’t look at things how I used to. Pray because we are living in some rough times now. Certain types of people like certain types of music. But for you to rape a baby like that???

So if we can afford for this to happen then a generation is going to go backward and we’re not going to be able to have any lawyers, no doctors, no engineers, no police officers chuck fender gash dem dwm if these kids are not in school. Reggae Hits 36 Chuck Fender. The world is getting so modernised with computers, and these kids don’t have access to those things.

Tell me about your new album ‘Fulfillment’. Letting my music make people feel better. With the world economy in crisis many people are suffering due to the greed of the wealthy. Always play videos fullscreen. So chuck fender gash dem flip the positive and see what you get.

So we might be feeling kind of worried right now and frustrated because people are losing their jobs and people can’t make ends meet but it’s only for a matter of time because Jah goes through a lot of tribulation for us. A lot of kids on the street wiping car glass.

Fenfer can go into Europe, England, the US or whatever and people can accept me because they know Bob Marley set the foundation.