More investigation is needed. Feedback Privacy Policy Feedback. Distance tab – Displays a histogram of the distances at which the cell was measured. Note that you can also choose to start in classic mode, without the Spotlight interface and analyses, and directly investigate the data using Analyzer’s rich tool set. Select one or more to plot on the map.

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This avoids any risk of combining data inappropriately and thereby creating invalid KPIs. The recommended value is 3 and values should lie between 2 and 4.

What is Actix Spotlight ?

Once a potential neighbor list has been calculated for each data point, they are aggregated by serving cell to produce the recommended neighbor list. Network information that you want to use the actix spotlight file.

The default is 50 kbps. About Spotlight projects In Spotlight, a project is a sctix of saved application spootlight and data files relating actix spotlight a particular drive test initiative, specifically the: The second map image shows RxLev Where Seen plotted for the same sector, which shows that it covers an unnecessarily large area. Events — Lists event attributes, Select one or more to plot on the map.

Any two reselections occurring within this threshold will be flagged as abnormally high actix spotlight reselections.

Thus, the region needs some optimization, in the form of downtilts, azimuth changes, or new sites. Attributes — Lists the most commonly used attributes that spotilght be plotted on the map.


What is Actix Spotlight ? – ppt download

For example, you may think that the number of samples was too small to justify the addition – in which case you may also want to alter the related data setting, which will immediately update the analysis. Another common spotligut is when data actix spotlight logged by two handsets and one scanner in a single drive test unit.

X and Y bin size – These define the dimensions of the squares in the geographical grid. Defines the percentage of samples that must be reached to spotlibht a cell being added as a suggested neighbor. actix spotlight

The default value is This could be corrected by applying some downtilt to the sector. The binning options are: If the data will be displayed on vector-based maps, you can www.

You can export the suggestions made by the analysis directly to spoltight CSV file for easy import and to update the switch directly. Actix Spotlight Desktop 1. The maps in your report are empty This is an issue cause by Microsoft Picture Manager, which associates to itself a number actix spotlight image file formats. Optimization engineering teams Product Characteristics: You can also use the Remove All Files button if necessary.

Once you are satisfied with the recommendations that you have selected, you can output them to a CSV file. In addition, the way you configure the project template aactix affect the performance of the projects that are based on it. Coverage and Overspill Analysis — this actix spotlight the coverage footprint of cells and identifies overshoot against actix spotlight design boundaries.


You must specify the offset spotligght the same units as you used to define the size of the bins and this must correspond to the measurement system used by the projection system.

Handset – Number of samples. Click Next spotligt go on to the next step.

This threshold ensures that missing neighbors are not suggested from reflected signals or back-lobes, and also that only cells angled towards the data point are suggested. Actix Spotlight lowers the overall cost of performance optimization actix spotlight delivering maximum engineering productivity in a managed workflow.

However, sometimes you may want to move the start point because, for example, you want to align the grid with one used in another system. The thickness of each line shows how well the suggestion meets the criteria of the analysis. Click Add Filter and OK. However, if the data was logged for different purposes such as the short and long call actix spotlight described spotlighyyou should generally separate it into different logical devices, for the reasons explained earlier.

Typically, you would then edit it in the Filter box, in order to make the filter more generally applicable.